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Survivors of human trafficking

Even still, he admits it’s easy to feel helpless in the face of problem as massive as human trafficking, a $150 billion dollar industry that affects nearly 25 million victims worldwide. Nevertheless, there is hope. “It’s a big problem, but there is a solution,” Hammer said. “The victims don’t have to remain victims. Survivors can.

A $32-billion-a-year industry, human trafficking is the world's fastest growing criminal enterprise, according to the U.S. State Department. An estimated 27 million people are victims of the crime, which involves being forced to perform labor or commercial sex acts. Victims are exploited in varying corners of the world, in dictator-run. In the case of sex trafficking survivors, sexual and physical abuse create that chronic overstimulation. Counselor Marilyn Sundeen describes it as “the threat of violence” leading one to “stay on high alert.”. According to Sharla, getting a survivor out of this “high alert” state requires “relational detox.”. For those she takes.

In addition, because survivors have been manufactured as a human trafficking product, their levels of abuse and mistrust often appear high when they present to counseling. Therefore, counselors must focus on the therapeutic relationship as victims provide information about their experiences in trafficking.

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Human Traffic is a 1999 British-Irish independent coming of age comedy drama film written and directed by Justin Kerrigan. It is a cult film of the Cool Cymru era of arts in Wales. The film explores themes of coming of age, drug and night club cultures, as well as relationships.

Polaris serves victims and survivors through the National Human Trafficking Hotline. It also builds a dataset that illuminates how human trafficking works, in real-time, and turns knowledge into targeted systems-level strategies to disrupt and prevent human trafficking. Learn more and access resources on the Polaris website.

A human trafficking survivor, advocate and speaker on issues of Human Trafficking and providing support of victims of abuse in Dallas Texas. She is the founder of It's Going To Be Ok Inc., a nonprofit organization whose mission is to not only educate people about the horrors of human trafficking but to help in one day ending it completely.

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